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 In case that you get rejected from our system, please consider as the following

*สำหรับลูกค้าคนไทย โปรดอ่านในลิงค์นี้ : https://support.bitcoin.co.th/knowledgebase.php?article=57

For examples of rejected IDs See here : https://support.bitcoin.co.th/knowledgebase.php?article=59

In case that you get rejected from our system, please consider as the following;


Passport (ID Invalid)

1. The Picture should be clear and readable.

2. Do not censor or cover Important information of your passport.

3. Take a picture of the whole passport.

4. Non-Thai must use Passport only. (Wrong ID Type)

5. Please don't use Expired Passport. (Expired ID)


Wrong ID Number

Make sure your Passport Number is correct.




1 You have to send us the clear selfie photo that we are able to read your information in your Passport.

2. you can put in a watermark but importand information must be readable.

3. Hold a paper that wrote "Bx.in.th" and your signature. (Selfie Missing Paper) (Missing Signature)

4. Do not let your hand or anything cover its important information.

5. Non-Thai must use Passport only. (Wrong ID Type)




1. It must be Address in Thailand.

2. Please enter your full address includes House number, Room number, Village Number, Street, Soi in the "Street Address" slot.

** Please note that if you live in Condominium you have to enter the name of that Condominium in the blank.





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