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 How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

1. Go to “Trading”.

2. Choose a type of coins.

3. At “Create an Order” Box, you can select Buy Order or Sell Order.
3.1 Buy Order : For example, you have THB and want to buy BTC

3.2 Sell Order : For example, you have BTC and want to sell it to THB

4. Input an amount you want to spend.

5. Select an Order Type
    5.1 Limit Order : You set the price that you want. It has to be matched with other opposite order to be completed. (Buy/Sell, Sell/Buy)
    5.2 Market Order : It will be filled at best available rate. ( you can see available rate in the table below).

Ps. If you Select Limit Order, when a price you set doesn’t match any other order, It will be shown in “My Open Orders” Tab.


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